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types of ice machines

There are various different types of ice machines available, whether you're searching for a countertop ice dispenser, an undercounter ice machine, or even a nugget ice maker. But how do these many ice makers differ from one another, and which one is best for you?

Undercounter ice machines

Using an undercounter ice machine is an easy way to produce ice without the use of an extra freezer. These machines are designed to be compact, making them easy to fit under counters. The units are also designed to be durable.

There are several models available. You can choose an air cooled or water cooled model. The air cooled units use internal fans to circulate air through the unit. They are also easier to install.

Water cooled units use water to cool the machine. They require a water cooling station and a water supply line. You will also need a pump drain system. This allows the water to drain farther away from the unit. This may require you to hire a plumber.

Some units come with a built-in storage bin. This can hold between 12 and 50 pounds of ice. The bin is also removable for easy cleaning.

The best undercounter ice machines are designed to produce uniform, clear cubes with a tasteless flavor. This type of ice is ideal for beverages.

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