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cool room panels

Installing cool room panels might be something you want to think about whether you're building your own house or just want to spruce up an existing building. Your walls and ceiling are insulated by these panels, which can also keep your home cool.

Insulated metal panels

Insulated Metal Panels are the perfect material for coolers, dry goods warehouses, and other commercial structures because they offer a reliable thermal barrier. A steel skin and an insulating core that has been foamed in place in the manufacturing process create panels. These panels are made to be lightweight and simple to install. They come in a variety of finishes and can be put on floors, walls, and roofs.

For cold storage installations, Allied Insulated Metal Panels offer a cost-effective, recyclable alternative. These panels can be purchased in seven various thicknesses, making installation simple. The panels also reduce the building's total footprint.

For prominent architectural applications, the CF Architectural insulated metal panel is ideal. The finish has thin longitudinal striations and appears flush. Panels are produced with side fasteners that are hidden for added security.

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Pre-painted and sealed with a layer of polythene for rust resistance

Your pre-painted and cold room door seals panels can benefit from an additional layer of polythene for rust protection. Additionally, it aids in preventing water runoff. The surfaces beneath corroded metals are given a completed appearance by this coating, which is simple to apply. As it self-anneals, it will maintain its excellent appearance for many years.

Pick the optimum protective coating for your application when making your selection. Everbrite(tm) Clear Protective Coating is suggested for rusted metal. The metal is sealed by this long-lasting, self-annealing coating, which also stops rust drops on the surfaces below the rusted metal.

Apply a high-performance primer to the panel edges to stop corrosion. This offers superior corrosion resistance and improves the adherence of the paint.


Maintaining clean, functional cool room panels is a fantastic concept. In the food and beverage sector, where a cold room can be essential to a company's success, this is particularly true. It is crucial to understand the best practices for maintaining them in prime shape as a result.

Creating a maintenance strategy that includes both preventative and corrective maintenance is the most effective method to do this. This can be achieved by being knowledgeable about appropriate cleaning techniques and processes and by asking the manufacturer for the necessary documentation. To make sure you aren't wasting time on the wrong items, it is also a good idea to make your own maintenance checklist if you have the necessary documentation.

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