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Cold storage doors

Cold storage doors are an excellent way to protect your goods in your warehouse. This will help them stay fresh while also keeping your employees safe. You must, however, ensure that you get the best door for your requirements.


The right cold storage door can make or break your overall efficiency and safety. You can ensure that your material handling operators are not in danger and that your facility is not wasting valuable energy by using the right door. Thermostop cold storage doors are long-lasting and designed to meet your requirements. They have the industry's best insulation value as well as airtight seals.

Thermostop offers a variety of cold storage doors, including walk-in hinged doors, sliding doors, vertical sectional doors, and impact traffic doors. They also offer a weight-balancing hardware system to help you get the most out of your doors.

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Albany cold storage doors, which are designed for high traffic areas, increase productivity while lowering energy costs. These doors protect product quality in critical temperature zones by opening and closing quickly. Maintenance costs are reduced by the self-resetting breakaway system. These high-performance doors also reduce downtime in the manufacturing process.

These insulated room doors can be ordered with energy-saving airflow systems or with heated side frames. They are also well-suited for dual-climate facilities. Their long-lasting design reduces damage from impacts and corrosion. They also work in a wide range of hostile environments.

These high-speed doors are ideal for openings of medium size. They have a flexible curtain for added security and tight seals for added protection. They also have a direct drive system, which helps with traffic flow.


Among the plethora of mediocre products in the cold store industry, the CrownTonka walk in cooler stands out for its cool factor and low maintenance costs. The cooler, as the name implies, is a walk-in unit, albeit a large one. The system includes a 5 HP medium temperature refrigeration system with a handy evaporator and condenser, the aforementioned mudder, and a full complement of filler panels. The storage compartments are well insulated with 3.5" thick urethane foam insulation, as indicated by the cooler's name. In fact, the unit is insulated all the way up to the rafters.

RollSeal Door System

The RollSeal cold storage units door system, which was developed in the mid-1990s, is now used in a variety of applications, including agricultural, industrial, and food service. The system is made up of three layers of fabric that are securely fastened together with commercial hook and loop fasteners. This provides excellent environmental separation while reducing the footprint of the door. Installing and maintaining the RollSeal cold storage door system is simple.

The system uses very little energy. It can be tailored to meet specific requirements. The seals on the door are airtight, and it provides complete environmental separation. The fabric is tear resistant and long-lasting.

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