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Kooler Ice is one option if you're looking for a self-contained bulk ice machine. Compared to a standard unit, this modular ice maker machines produces significantly more ice in 24 hours. Nevertheless, you should ensure that the storage bin is large enough to accommodate the amount of ice produced by the machine. If you don't, you'll be wasting money and space. Additionally, modular bulk ice machines can be quite costly.

Kooler Ice is a bulk ice machine

In 2004, Kerry Seymour and Jeff Dyson decided to develop a better method for selling ice. They decided to create a smaller, more convenient vending machine after being inspired by the large ice house machines that began to appear in the Southern United States. The Kooler Ice was born.

Their design goals were to create a ice machine that was durable, dependable, and simple to operate. Additionally, they desired a machine that would be simple to service and upkeep. The Kooler Ice is not difficult to work, simple to keep up with, and gives new ice like clockwork. Additionally, it removes the hassle of purchasing ice from retail establishments' customers. The fact that there are no franchise fees and low initial costs is another great feature.

The patented touchless ice delivery system found in Kooler Ice vending machines safeguards against human contamination. Kooler Ice is therefore the safest place to buy ice in Spring Branch, Texas. Additionally, Kooler Ice offers customers access to an app that enables them to monitor the location of Kooler Ice vending machines.

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