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Ice Block Size

Whether you want to make your own dry ice or just want to know how to make ice, it's important to know how to choose the right size for your needs. This ensures that you get the most ice for the least money. Using the incorrect size can result in an over-filled ice block size or ice that does not completely freeze.

Filters over venting ports

Traditional dry ice manufacturing processes have a number of drawbacks. One disadvantage is the inability to control the density and size of the dry ice block.

The present invention describes a method for producing predetermined density solid dry ice. The invention's method, in particular, regulates the trapped gaseous carbon dioxide in the dry ice blocks. It also enables the production of high-quality dry ice blocks with substantially uniform properties.

A CO2 storage vessel, a supply line, a CO2 source, a compression chamber, a piston, a ram, an introducing port, a venting port, a filter screen, a PLC, a hydraulic pressure gauge sensing device, and a compression mechanism comprise the present invention.

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