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Ice Bin

Whether you want an ice bin for a camper or just for keeping drinks cool, there are a few different options you can choose from. These include: Tops, Roll up doors, and Dimensions.

Roll-up doors

You can select between sliding and roll-up doors depending on the size of your ice bin. Sliding doors are best for tight kitchen aisles or congested spaces, whereas roll-up doors are best for huge ice bins. Regardless of your preference, you must select an ice storage bin that is compatible with your ice producing head unit. There are many commercial ice bins on the market today, so you will have lots of options.

If you need a commercial ice bin that can carry a lot of ice, you should look at an extra-large type. These units are perfect for high-traffic areas like sports bars and restaurants. These machines feature big bottom apertures that allow you to fill ice caddies and instantly dispense ice. Some systems even incorporate a funnel for filling caddies.

These units also include extensive polyurethane foam insulation, which aids in keeping the ice's internal temperature stable. The outer structure of the bin, which is meant to prevent corrosion in wet back-of-house settings, is likewise made of stainless steel. Some bins even come with trolleys that may be used to move ice.

In addition to being durable, some of these ice bins also have additional features, such as a viewing window. This allows you to check the ice without opening the unit. This is helpful for when you are low on ice, so you can call for help quickly.

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