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what should I do if ice machine making ice at night?

March 03,2023

If the tube ice machine works 24 hours a day, but the employees only work 8 hours, what should I do if I make ice at night?


1. Put the ice storage hopper in the cold storage, and the ice made at night will drop directly into the ice storage hopper.

The ice outlet of the ice storage hopper is outside the ice storage hopper, and pack it at work the next day.Large tube ice machine 30 tons and above, add rake system, store at night, pack during the day

2. Increase the output of the machine, stop at night and work during the day.

3. The ice storage hopper stores the output for 8 hours at night. (About 5 tons of ice machine output)

4. Remote control, automatic startup and operation.

5. Increase the automatic packing system, 1-2 people go to work at night

How tall is the foundation of the tube ice machine to put the machine

As long as the host has a platform above the ground, it is not flooded.

The evaporator is mainly for packing, and the outlet of the equipment is matched with the inlet of the ice storage hopper, and it can slide smoothly.

Depending on the specific situation:

1: Manual packing, no ice storage hopper, plastic basket for ice, 1~5 tons, 300mm height; 10~30 tons, 100mm height;

2: Use with ice storage bucket, 1~5 tons, the height of the support will be as high as the ice storage bucket. 10~30 tons, 400mm shorter than the ice storage hopper;

3: Use with supporting conveyor, 1~5 tons, and support 500mm high. 10~30 tons, the support is 200mm high.

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