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Why choose Icemedal flake ice machine?

March 17,2023

1.Icemedal flake ice machine has high ice efficiency and small loss of cooling capacity: the ice machine uses cold water spray to make ice, the entire evaporator fully contacts the water source, and quickly evaporates to form an ice layer, the spiral ice blade quickly cuts and scrapes off the ice layer, the evaporator and the evaporation The tube is protected by a high-efficiency thermal insulation layer, and the cold loss is small;

2.The quality of the produced borneol is good, dry and not sticky:

the plate ice machine evaporator adopts the spiral groove structure design, the liquid supply is uniform, and the evaporation efficiency is high. The water falling on the ice bucket undergoes sufficient heat exchange with the cooling mass to form a thick and dry layer of ice. Generally, the thickness can reach 1.8~2.5mm, which is not easy to bond, which is convenient for users to use;

3.The flake ice produced is rich in variety, simple in structure and small in floor space:

there are many models of ice machines, and users can choose the appropriate model according to the application occasion and water quality. The ice maker has the advantages of small size, simple structure, convenient installation, small footprint, low noise, and good practicability in the use site.

PLC programmable control system, stable performance and random control:

Icemedal flake ice machine is controlled by PLC programmable control system, with stable operation performance, safety and reliability. The user can freely control the automatic start and stop time of the flake ice

4.Simple operation and high hygienic standard:

Icemedal commercial flake ice machine for sale adopts automatic control, and the operator only needs to press the switch to operate. The evaporator material is made of imported 304 stainless steel or carbon steel with hard plating on the surface, which has high heat transfer efficiency and ensures the super corrosion resistance of the ice bucket and the cleanliness of the ice.

5.Perfect fault protection device:

The ice machine is equipped with high and low pressure, water cut, limit, overload and other protection devices, which further improves the safety and stability of the ice machine, allowing users to directly stop ice making without ice making . The internal structure of the evaporator is simple, the components are highly versatile, the operation is reliable, and the maintenance is convenient.

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