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What is an automatic edible cup ice production line

June 07,2024

The Automated Edible Ice Production Line is a highly integrated automated innovation designed for mass production, high quality edible ice plants.

The system not only includes ice machine, but also integrates a water purifier, ice storage hopper, quick-frozen vibrating screen, transfer system, high-efficiency elevator, and automatic weighing and packaging machine, forming a fully automatic production line from ice making to packaging.

Ice Production Line1

Automaic cube ice production line, its production capacity is amazing

With a daily output of 10 tons of ice machine, for example, can produce 45 cups of high-quality cube ice per minute, the production capacity of a day can be up to 60,000 cups, with the ex-factory price of US$ 0.2 / cup calculation, the output value of a day up to $12,000., far more than the sale price of other edible ice.

This model, through the optimised process design, seamlessly connects the produced cube ice to the ice storage hopper, vibrating screen and conveyor belt, filling accurately fill and seal the serving containers, providing plug-and-play cold drink solutions for supermarkets, cafes, hotels, and other retail food and beverage outlets. At present, the cup of ice because of its clean and hygienic, flexible and affordable price, in Southeast Asia, China, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions are very popular, is leading a wave of ice drink economy of the new fashion, become a blue sea of investment and entrepreneurship.

Ice Production Line2

In addition,Icemedal Refrigeration launched the fully automatic cube ice machine, using the original flat-wall heat transfer technology, a new upgrade of the traditional manual de-icing,Uniform heating after ice making, so that the surface of the ice cube is detached from the mold, to ensure that the de-icing is smooth and fast out of the ice.

The machine is also equipped with advanced PLC intelligent control system, the operation interface is friendly and intuitive, equipped with a wealth of industrial information technology interfaces; such as support for remote mobile phone monitoring function, so that production management is more flexible and convenient.

Ice Production Line3

It is worth mentioning that Icemedal Refrigeration has a strong R & D and design team, 5000 square metres of modern, standardised production workshop and perfect logistics and customer service system, forming a complete one-stop service capability from consulting and design, production, logistics, to delivery of after-sales service, etc., and it is a trusted refrigeration equipment and solutions supplier for many customers.

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