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Welcome Guinea customers to visit Icemedal

February 20,2023


Today, Icemedal received a customer from Guinea.As we all know, Guinea is a country rich in resources and beautiful scenery。

This customer is very friendly and humorous, he said he was very excited to come to Changsha for the first time, and was deeply attracted by the food of Changsha.

His main purpose was to purchase ice machine s and he was interested in our ice machines.

He visited our office and factory.We introduced the machines and machine parts to the customer in detail.and he praised our machines as trustworthy and agreed to cooperate.


Thanks to the support and trust of our customers, we have the opportunity to sell our products to Guinea again.,we will adhere to the concept of "integrity, win-win, enjoy life" and provide high quality and  most affordable price products to our customers all over the world.

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