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Warmly welcome Yousif from Yemen who has travelled a long way to visit Icemedal Refrigeration

September 22,2023

On August 25th,Yousif, Yemen refrigeration equipment supplier, traveled thousands of miles across the sea to visit the factory and office area of Icemedal Refrigeration in Changsha, China. Yousif is a Chinese expert who is proficient in Chinese and has a certain understanding of China. On this trip to China, he represented a company from Yemen to visit and inspect China's top refrigeration equipment source manufacturers.


Yemen is located in the southwest of the Arabian Peninsula and was once part of the Arab Empire. It is adjacent to the Red Sea to the west and the Gulf of Aden to the south. It has been a trade hub since ancient times and has a unique geographical advantage. Yemen belongs to a tropical desert climate with high temperatures and low rainfall. Agriculture, oil, and fisheries are the three pillar industries of Yemen. The widespread application of refrigeration equipment in agriculture and fisheries is the main motivation for Yemen to seek high-quality suppliers in China.


Under the leadership of Icemedal's team.

Yousif visited Icemedal’s ice maker factory, cold storage exhibition hall, cultural wall, and had a pleasant negotiation with Icemedal's team. Yousif said that this trip has yielded a lot, and Icemedal's refrigeration technology has opened his eyes, and he will definitely come back to China in the future.


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