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There is a trick to doing business, these 12 industries must use the flake ice

August 22,2023

Did you know? In today's business environment, no matter what industry, you need to make use of specialised equipment and modernisation or you won't be able to grow bigger and stronger. The following 12 industry sectors would be difficult without the addition of a flake ice machine. With a flake ice machine, they can be like a fish out of water and get twice the results with half the effort.


1.Supermarket Freshness

Flake ice is widely used in supermarkets for preserving and displaying seafood and fresh meat. As the surface of the slice ice is dry and smooth, it will not sting the objects and maintains the breathability of the food underneath to ensure the original flavour of the products.

2.Seafood Restaurants

People's living standards are constantly improving,the seafood preservation requirements are becoming more and more profound.The traditional way is to use block ice to smash and come to realize the simple preservation process, not only the labour intensity increases, the cost increases, and the hygienic conditions and the site operability is extremely poor. As the surface of the flake ice is dry and smooth, there is no scratch on the surface of the seafood, maintaining the permeability of the seafood in the lower layer, preventing the loss of product dehydration and lack of oxygen, which not only ensures the strict health permit, but also improves the freshness and deliciousness of the seafood.


3.Aquatic Processing

As people's demand for the intrinsic quality of seafood is increasing,Therefore ice is widely used in the field of deep processing of fisheries. Ice can prevent seafood from deterioration and decay, as well as dehydration and frostbite of aquatic products. The melted ice water can also rinse the surface of seafood, remove the bacteria and odour discharged from seafood, and achieve the ideal preservation effect. Therefore, a large amount of ice is used in the process of fishing, storage, transport and processing of marine fisheries.

4.Poultry Meat Processing

In the process of poultry meat processing, the use of high-temperature steam generated by the poultry meat dehairing, due to the high temperature of the steam, easy to make the poultry meat fat cooked, therefore, it is necessary to add a large number of clean flake ice to quickly reduce the temperature, in order to ensure that the product of the meat of the tender taste.


5.Bread, Biscuit

During the production of bread and biscuits, rapid cooling with flake ice prevents fermentation.Using the right amount of clean flake ice for temperature regulation will ensure the quality of the product.

6.Dairy production:

In the fermentation process of yoghurt production, in order to control the time, temperature and humidity of fermentation and to maintain the biologically active factors of the yoghurt, temperature-controlled fermentation is the artificial use of refrigeration to control the temperature below the normal fermentation temperature in order to obtain the desired quality. Adding the right amount of hygienic, clean flake ice is a good way to handle this.

7.Chemical dyes

With the rapid development of the chemical product processing industry, the market demand for chemical product quality and technology continues to improve, in its production process, diazotisation, coupling and condensation is the production of necessary synthetic processes, due to the diazotisation, coupling and condensation reaction releases a large amount of heat, and the ideal reaction conditions should be in the 0 - 5 ° C. Therefore, it is necessary to add a large number of ice in the process of the chemical reaction to control the temperature, in order to ensure the quality of the product.

8.Biological Research

In order to control reaction temperatures during test and analytical experiments in research labs and laboratories, the application of flake ice allows experiments to be carried out at approved low temperatures, achieving the desired results.

9.Fruit and vegetable preservation

Chemical synthetic preservatives of food safety is increasingly questioned today, fruits and vegetables storage and preservation gradually towards the focus on the physical way to develop, natural cold source and wet cold storage and other physical preservation methods are in line with this trend of development and gradually get people's recognition and attention. Wet-cooling system is in the method of accumulating cold through the Icemedal flake ice system, access to low-temperature ice and water through the mixing of heat exchangers, so that the ice and water and the air inside the library of heat and mass transfer, to get close to the freezing point temperature of the high humidity air to cool fruits and vegetables. It can quickly cool fruits and vegetables to the storage temperature, and maintained at that temperature, while combining the synergistic effect of ozone, so that fruits and vegetables are in a low-temperature, high humidity environment.


10.Wine Industry

In the process of brewing and fermentation, due to biochemical reactions, the temperature continues to rise. In order to control the temperature and time of fermentation, maintain the biological activity of yeast, and improve the stability of non microorganisms, adding an appropriate amount of clean ice is an effective treatment method.

11. Marine Fishery

The seawater ice machine is made of 316 stainless steel, corrosion-resistant special materials, special surface treatment, durable design, and precision casting. It can be directly placed on fishing boats and used to make ice directly from seawater.

12.Application of flake ice Machine in Concrete Mixing Engineering

During the concrete mixing process, the mixing and ice addition method is usually used to cool the concrete. It directly adds flaket ice during the mixing process to achieve the goal of reducing the temperature of concrete. We have many years of construction experience in the field of concrete cooling. Based on different operating environments and requirements, we have designed a concrete flake ice control system that integrates ice making, storage, and transportation.


As a professional source manufacturer of ice machines, Icemedal supplies ice machines to multiple countries around the world.

The ice flakes produced by Icemedal Ice Machine are widely used in various fields such as seafood and meat preservation, aquatic processing, concrete mixing, food processing, chemical dyes, biological research, and brewing.


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