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South African Clients Visit to Icemedal

May 04,2023

In the afternoon of 27 April 2023, South African clients came to Icemedal.Customer's visit was mainly to discuss the introduction of our ice machine equipment.warmly welcome our guest!

Known as the 'Rainbow Nation', South Africa is located at the southernmost tip of the African continent. South Africa is the second largest economy in Africa, with a high standard of living and a relatively stable economy compared to other African countries. South Africa has been identified as a medium power in international affairs and maintains a significant regional influence.Since last year, our company has had contact with this customer, in the spirit of "customer is God" sales concept, the company's international sales department staff have had many good communication and discussion with the customer,

so that the customer has a detailed understanding of the ice machine, but also let us know the customer of the deep needs.

The company's sales manager warmly received the guest from afar. Accompanied by the main person in charge , the customers visited the production workshop, assembly workshop and office area of the company's factory.During the visit, our accompanying staff gave the customers a detailed product introduction of cube ice machines and tube ice machines, and answered their questions. The customers highly appreciated their rich knowledge and competent work ability


The excellent nature of our ice machines, advanced technology and suitable price also impressed the customer, the customer directly placed an order and signed it on the spot. The customer placed an order directly and signed it on the spot. He also said he looked forward to a longer and better relationship with our company.

The visit of foreign customers strengthens the communication between our company and foreign customers, Icemedal warmly welcomes global customers to visit!

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