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Icemedal Refrigeration Cube Ice Machine for Edible Ice Safety

March 22,2024

Nowadays, the global temperature is getting higher and higher

There is no doubt that ice has become an indispensable ingredient in the operation process of milk tea, coffee, catering and so on.

However, in the drinks seem icy, ingredients seem safe behind, hidden many food safety accidents, some unqualified edible ice microbiological exceeds the standard, and even contain germs and so on.

According to the survey, at present, edible ice safety and hygiene problems appear in the businessman's own ice use and "black ice factory" unlicensed production links, while the ice equipment with the food requirements and so on.Ice machine as the source of edible ice, if the equipment manufacturers do not take the initiative to solve the problem, will inevitably lead to the source of industrial interests and reputation damage, affecting the healthy development of the ice industry chain!

Icemedal Refrigeration Cube Ice Machine

Customer demand for ice machine  is simple, but also simple, nothing more than cost savings, safe and reliable, no worries and so on." Hunan Icemedal Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. general manager pointed out that the customer demand into the equipment design and production and other aspects of the Icemedal has always been the original intention and adhere to the new technology, new products, new modes and so on, to help customers to improve the efficiency of the manpower cost savings, and put an end to the contamination of ice.

For example, for some ice plant in the process of packing ice, sealing bags, because the human body contact may lead to unhygienic status of the ice, Icemedal fully automated production line so that the entire ice production in a closed system, eliminating contact with the outside world, no pollution and ice cleanliness and hygiene fully in line with the relevant national requirements.

To deal with safety & health issues, Icemedal refrigeration has never been "righteous, regardless of cost". So that customers have enough security, but also allows consumers to rest assured that they can eat.

Icemedal Refrigeration Cube Ice Machine

Anyway, Icemedal Refrigeration Cube Ice Machine protects the safety of edible ice and ensures that every piece of ice meets the food safety standards. Icemedal Refrigeration Cube Ice Machine adopts advanced refrigeration technology, which is able to produce ice cubes in accordance with the specifications quickly and evenly, effectively avoiding the problems of uneven ice cubes and fragile ice cubes that may occur in the traditional way of ice making.

At the same time, the Icemedal refrigeration unit is also equipped with multiple safety protection systems, including water quality filtration, temperature monitoring, automatic defrosting and other functions, to ensure the purity of water quality and stable ice quality during the ice making process. In addition, the machine is easy to operate and has low maintenance costs, providing a safe and reliable ice making solution for industries such as food production and catering.

Choosing the Icemedal Refrigeration Ice Machine not only means that you will receive efficient and high-quality ice making equipment, but also safeguards your food safety, allowing your consumers to enjoy delicious food with peace of mind.

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