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IceMedal are moving to new factory with 8000㎡workshop

August 11,2023


On July 27, 2023, Hunan Bingxun Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. officially relocated. The surrounding environment of the new factory building is elegant, with convenient transportation, and the area has doubled compared to before.

The production capacity has been further improved, and Icemedal’s services will also rise to a new field.

In the future,Icemedal will develop towards serialization, branding, and internationalization,and will continue to promote technological research and innovation, steadily advancing towards the goal of becoming a world-class ice making equipment company. After relocating to the new site, Icemedal will embark on a new posture of renovation, starting from the new factory building, with core technology and high-quality service concepts as the cornerstone, actively exploring a wider range of service areas, and achieving a broader development space.

Welcome from all over the world friends to visit.we hope we can work together to create a better future for the ice making machinery industry.

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