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How to use the ice cube machine correctly?

January 06,2024

How to use the ice cube machine correctly?

1.Before use, check whether each device of the ice maker is normal, such as whether the water supply device is normal, and whether the water storage capacity of the water tank is normal. Generally speaking, the water storage capacity of the water tank has been set at the factory.

1.After confirming that everything is normal, put the ice maker in a stable place, and insert the prepared bottled water into the water inlet of the ice maker. At this time, the water will automatically enter the water tank of the ice cube maker.

3.After plugging in the power supply of the upper ice machine, the ice cube machine starts to work, and the water pump starts to pump the water in the water tank into the ice making area. At the beginning, the water pump has an exhaust process. After the air is discharged, the compressor starts to work, and the cube ice machine starts to work. Start making ice.

ice cube machine

4. When the thickness of the ice cubes in the ice maker reaches the thickness set by the ice maker, the ice tray probe in the ice maker starts to work, at the same time the defrost solenoid valve works, the water pump stops working, and the exhaust valve will open the hot air Enter the evaporator and the ice cubes will start to fall.

5.When the ice starts to fall, flip the ice-falling baffle and turn on the magnetic reed switch. When the ice reaches a certain amount, the reed switch will be closed again, and the ice maker will enter the ice-making state again.

6.When the ice storage bucket of the ice maker is full of ice, the reed switch will not be closed automatically, the ice maker will automatically stop working, and the ice making is completed.

Precautions for using the ice cube machine:

1.No matter what reason the compressor is shut down for (lack of water, excessive freezing, power failure, etc.), it cannot be started continuously, and it should be restarted every 5 minutes to avoid damage to the compressor.

2.Regularly check the inlet and outlet water pipe joints, and deal with a small amount of residual water that may leak.

3.When ice making and crushing are not in use, the remaining water in the inner tank should be drained, the inner tank of the refrigerator should be dried with a clean cloth, and the drain joint cover on the back of the box should be unscrewed to drain the remaining water in the water tank. , and then tighten the drain connector cap.

4.When the ambient temperature drops below 0℃, there is a possibility of freezing. It must be drained to drain the water, otherwise the water inlet pipe may be broken.

5.Clean and check the ice maker, unplug it when it is not used for more than a week.

6.Drains should be checked once or twice a year to prevent blockages.

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