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How to maintain block ice machine

January 30,2023

The direct cooling block ice machine is a new technology for making large blocks of ice in recent years.

The machine has a high degree of automation and stable performance,

which is the future trend in the ice making industry.To ensure the safety of the equipment in winter and to avoid losses, please do your best to prevent freezing and shut down the equipment maintenance work to ensure the normal use of the equipment.



Be sure to drain the remaining water from condensers, cooling towers, circulation pumps, pipes and water supply pumps after the winter shutdown to prevent frost crack.


If the compressor refrigerant oil is yellow or has not been changed for more than a year, it should be changed (by professional personnel).


Clean the dust of the air-cooled condenser and other parts of the equipment.


If the equipment has rust, it should be polished and sprayed (brushed) with anti-rust paint.


Turn off the main power supply of the equipment after the production stop,and do dustproof to prevent dust and sand.


Close all the valves of the cooling pipes after the production stoppage to prevent accidental damage and loss.

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