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How does cold room storage work?

November 29,2022

Cold rooms are designed to maintain artificially generated temperatures or temperature ranges and are used to store temperature-sensitive, perishable items.

What is the temperature range in the air cooler?

Most cold rooms can accommodate temperatures between -2°C and 10°C. As for the specific temperature range in the air cooler, it depends on what's stored in it. For foods such as fresh produce, the ideal cold room temperature is between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius. ICH storage of drugs requires 5°C with a tolerance of ±3°C. When colder conditions are required, the air cooler will be preferred and can be lowered to -30°C to store medicines or chemicals. The air cooler also provides ultra-low storage requirements at temperatures ranging from -50°C to -80°C.

What can be stored in the air cooler?

1.As for their application, cold rooms can be used to store a variety of items across industries. The most common items included biopharmaceutical and medical products, textiles, tobacco products, perishable foods, flowers, delicate plants, works of art, and even rare books.

2.Precise temperature control of certain drugs and medical devices is essential to prevent material spoilage and ensure safety in use. For example, laboratory reagents, dialyzers, disinfectant solutions, fungicides, burn treatment products, and dental restorative materials are highly sensitive to temperature and require routine or continuous refrigeration to be effective. Cold rooms can also be used to handle or slow chemical reactions in engineered environments. As mentioned above, a cold room can also help if sensitive materials need to be temperature regulated during transport.

Why use a cold room?

2.Ensure the efficacy of vaccines, drugs and other refrigerated sensitive items. This will also help improve your company's reputation and reliability.

3.Medicines and medical equipment are highly sensitive and expensive -- keep them safe with locked, weatherproof refrigeration.

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