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HVAC Indonesia 2023 Review | Icemedal Refrigeration Returns with Honour and Distinction

September 27,2023

On September 22nd, RHVAC INDONESIA, the largest professional HVACR exhibition in Southeast Asia, concluded successfully in Jakarta. RHVAC INDONESIA is a large and comprehensive international air-conditioning and refrigeration exhibition in Indonesia, focusing on heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, bringing together the latest technology and products in the industry.

From 20-22 September,Icemedal Refrigeration went to Indonesia to bring customers in Southeast Asia with food cold chain technology, industrial ice machine technology and industrial cooling technology solutions.


At the exhibition, an Indonesian customer expressed strong interest in the Icemedal tube ice machine.

After in-depth communication with the sales team, the customer directly ordered a 5-ton Icemedal tube ice machine in cash.

Compared to other brand tube ice machines, customers believe that the ice produced by the Icemedal tube ice machine is more crystal clear and has better meltingresistance; Secondly, Icemedal Refrigeration can design according to the actual needs of customers, meeting their diverse and professional customization needs; The most important point and key to dispelling customer concerns is that Icemedal Refrigeration has a very strong professional team, with strong capabilities from research and development to delivery and after-sales service. Overall, choosing Icemedal ice machines has higher cost-effectiveness, stronger reliability, and more guaranteed after-sales service.


After this exhibition, Icemedal has gained a lot. With a deeper understanding of the Indonesian market, we are also more confident and capable of providing higher quality and more valuable solutions with our expertise. In the future, Icemedal will always adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity, win-win, and enjoying life", fulfill its responsibilities to customers, and deliver high-quality products and provide high-level services to customers!

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