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Do you know what common cold room equipment is in life?

November 09,2022

cold storage equipment uses cooling facilities to create warehouses with suitable humidity and low temperature conditions. Also known as a cold refrigerator. It is a place for processing and storing products. It can be disconnected from the climate and extend the shelf life of various products to regulate market supply.

Containerized Cold Storage

The main advantage of containerized cold storage is that it is convenient to transport and move.nowadays,Many customers demand Movable cold storage to exploit uncertain markets and some new ones, thus reducing investment risks.

Using 20-foot and 40-foot standard containers,Icemedal can customize different types of cold storage for you, so that the temperature in the storage reaches 5°C to -40°C. Before leaving the factory, the cold storage and the unit have been tested.

Industrial Cold Storage

1.Fresh-keeping cold storage: used for fresh-keeping of fruits and vegetables, flowers, dairy products, alcohol, chocolate, fresh eggs, fresh meat, heat preservation of medicines, tea and seeds. The temperature of the freezer is 0℃ ~ ﹢20℃.

2.Refrigerated cold storage: frozen fish, frozen meat, frozen poultry, frozen eggs, etc. Cold storage temperature is ﹣15 ℃ ﹣5 ℃.

3.Frozen cold storage: Fresh fish and meat, rice noodle products, ice cream, blood products, chemical materials and other low-temperature storage. The temperature of the freezer is ﹣25 ℃ ~ ﹣18 ℃.

4.Quick-freezing cold storage: Quick-freezing fresh fish and meat at low temperature. The temperature of the freezer is ﹣45 ℃ ~ ℃ 30 ℃.

5.Cryogenic cold storage: industrial freezing of electronic metallurgy, biopharmaceuticals, chemical industry, automotive building materials, aerospace and other occupations, and various types of ultra-low temperature experimental cold treatment. Cold storage temperature is ﹣80 ℃ ~ ﹣50 ℃.

Ice storage

The ice storage is a warehouse for storing the ice cubes produced by the ice machine, so it should be close to the ice making room, close to the road platform, railway platform or ice dock, and equipped with structures such as ice crusher channels and skating paths In order to facilitate the storage of ice cubes and transportation of ice to the required units.

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