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Debugging and Installation Time of Ice Machine

February 24,2023

Some customers may ask whether the industrial ice machine that has just been bought needs to be debugged after it is installed?

How long does it usually take to debug?

Factory commissioning: Normally, it is commissioned for 3 days, mainly including the following tests:


1. The output of the test equipment reaches the standard output of the equipment, and the power consumption reaches the target requirement.

2. The equipment runs continuously, stable and trouble-free.

3. Check the running current and pressure of the test equipment.

4. Start the operation for the first time, clean up the remaining garbage in the system, replace the filter element, replace the compressor oil, etc., to ensure that the system is clean and runs smoothly.

At the customer's factory:

Normally it takes 3 days to debug, because the equipment has been tested without interruption for 24 hours before leaving the factory, and the equipment reaches the standard before being shipped to the customer. Therefore, it is generally required to install and start the equipment before it can be used normally.

When our engineers are in the customer's factory, they will debug the ice to ensure the stable operation of the equipment. At the same time, they will train the customer's engineers, including regular maintenance of the equipment, replacement of equipment parts, pressure detection, and common fault solutions. Ensure that customers can use the equipment normally and stably.

So how long is the installation time for different production ice machines?

Generally, the installation time is 15-10 days, depending on the production capacity.

Normally: tube ice machine: 3-5 days for 1-5 tons, 10 days for 10 tons to 20 tons, 15-20 days for 30 tons and above.

The actual installation time is determined by the customer's site conditions, including: the installation tools are complete, the installation site including the workshop, water and electricity, etc. are ready to be in place, and the installation workers can cooperate with the installation, and it can be completed according to the normal planned time.

The installation tools require the cooperation of the customer to be prepared before the engineer arrives at the site, the hydropower plant is ready, the installation workers are skilled and the work efficiency is high.

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