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Compressor for tube ice machine

November 16,2022

The compressor is known as the heart of the refrigeration system.

Our compressor adopts German BITZER compressor, which is one of the top ten compressor brands in the world and holds a leading position in the industry.

BITZER compressor performance parameters based on European standard EN12900 and 50HZ,

parameters through the European ASERCOM certification, suitable for HFC and HCFC refrigerants. Icemedal's ice machines mostly use compressors with medium and low temperature.For low temperature use, R507a and R404a can be used without additional cooling devices in a wide range of applications due to the return air cooling method.In low temperature use, due to the use of return air cooling, the use of R507a and R404a in a wide range of applications can be used without additional cooling devices, the use of PTC sensors to control the motor temperature, the insulation level of the motor is IP65, so the compressor motor is well protected, the use of PTFE-plated bearings, with low friction and the best emergency operation characteristics, the use of splash lubrication to ensure good compressor oil supply even under extreme operating conditions, because of such design features to ensure that the service life of the compressor in more than 15 years.


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