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African "Star" Friends┃"Made in Xingsha, Good!"

July 20,2023

Refrigeration equipment makes Africa "ice free"

The hot climate of Africa, because of the lack of electricity, can not meet the demand for cooling, preservation of fresh, cool ice has become one of the most popular things. Icemedal refrigeration production of various types of ice machine because of energy saving and environmental protection best-selling Africa, the series of reports [Africa "star" friends], this issue into the Hunan Ice Xun refrigeration equipment Co.


Into the Icemedal refrigeration production workshop, staff are debugging equipment, only to see a piece of crystal clear tubular ice from the ice machine in the rapid fall, in a short time filled with a large basket. Due to the different eating habits, Chinese people like cube ice, while Africans like tube ice, this 5-ton tubular ice machine has been booked by a South African customer and will be shipped to South Africa after commissioning. As the director unit of the China-Africa Economic and Trade Chamber of Commerce in Changsha County, Bingxun Refrigeration also brought a variety of products to this year's China-Africa Economic and Trade Fair.


Icemedal Refrigeration is a professional refrigeration equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Our products are mainly focused on industrial ice machines, including 8 major categories of flake ice machines and cube machine mainly used in fishing port terminals, edible ice plants and refrigeration projects. In addition, Icemedal Refrigeration has obtained more than ten patents in the research and development of quick-freezing and locking equipment as well as the development and improvement of refrigeration technology, impressing our African customers with its rich experience and advanced technology.


Our products are very widely used in Africa and our African customers like our products very much. Compared to European products, the overall cost performance is much higher and the energy saving and emission reduction is also very good, consuming about 70 degrees of electricity per tonne of ice."


In the context of the "One Belt, One Road" era,Icemedal refrigeration opened a new chapter of foreign exchange and trade. Since this year, the company has been trading with Guinea, Congo, Libya and other African countries, with more than 20 orders sent to Africa in May. At present, the products have been exported to more than 130 countries around the world.

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