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3 Things Needing Attention when Installing Ice block Machine

January 12,2023

After purchasing Icemedal brand ice block machine, you need to install the equipment according to the specifications, so that you can avoid problems in the future operation. Therefore, the ice block machine manufacturer reminds the relevant personnel that they must have some knowledge of the equipment. Let professionals carry out this step. Specifically, the installation of ice block machine should pay attention to the following aspects.

1、 insist on horizontal placement

ice block machine manufacturers advocate preparing a more standard level for the corresponding measurement when the equipment is installed to make it stick to a stable level, because only in this way can it maintain its performance and ensure the quality of ice making. The ice block machine manufacturer also introduced that the ice block machine should be moved to the determined equipment orientation, and then placed on the top of the machine with a spirit level, and then adjusted on the bottom until the level is displayed before removing the spirit level.

2、the correct setting of the water system

Because the ice block machine has certain requirements for water quality during operation, it should be connected to the tap water supply system that ordinary people can drink, and it must be filtered before entering the machine. Therefore, a filter should be installed in the corresponding direction. Because some ice cubes are consumed directly, it is necessary to pay more attention to this aspect of the operation. The water supply system must be satisfied with the water temperature and the water pressure must be within the range of the rule before it can be used normally so that the machine can work normally.

3、 Make sure that the power supply conditions are satisfactory

Before setting up in this respect, the customer should first read the requirements stated on the application statement or the nameplate on the machine to ensure that the connected power supply is consistent with it. On the other hand, in order to avoid electric shock problems, the ground wire is an indispensable method

The above are the key aspects of the ice block machine equipment. Under normal circumstances, the machine has been tested and debugged before it leaves the factory, so the equipment can be officially used after the equipment is set up. However, the ice block machine manufacturers remind the demand that the ice block machine should be placed in a cool and dry place without sun exposure. The space should be as large as possible. If it is not possible to ensure that there is sufficient space around it, then it should be in the surrounding equipment. The suction fan helps it dissipate heat.800mm of maintenance space around should be ensured.

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