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The Working Principle of Brine Type Ice Block Machine

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1. The brine type block ice making machine system is mainly composed of salt water pool, ice mold, ice melting pool, ice pouring table, spiral tube evaporator, electric control system, refrigeration unit, etc.;

 2. Its ice output is 1000KG/24h~150000KG/24h;

 3. The ice time can be positioned once every 12 hours and once every 24 hours.

 4. The weight of a single block of ice produced is 15KG/block~100KG/block.

 5. The brine type block ice maker machine system can be divided into container type and civil construction type according to its type, size and price economy. The container type is suitable for small and medium-sized ice applications, convenient for equipment and transportation, and can be transferred anywhere for ice making. The salt water tank is generally equipped in a 40-foot container, and the refrigeration unit equipment is in a 20-foot container. The ice pool is insulated with an insulation layer.


6. When large-scale ice is used, civil construction methods should be appropriately used to build an ice pool in the building. This method has large ice pool area, large ice production, convenient operation, and low operating cost.

7. The working principle of the brine type ice block machine: the ice making pool is filled with salt water, and the salt water temperature is cooled to -14℃ by the evaporator. Add an appropriate amount of water (about 9/10 of the volume of the ice bucket) into the ice mold and put it into the ice making tank. Use low-temperature salt water to freeze the water in the bucket into ice. When ice is released, m ice molds are fixed in a row, arranged in a total of n rows, and fixed by a steel frame. In order to accelerate the freezing speed of the ice, the salt water is evenly circulated between the ice molds with a stirrer, and the water in the ice bucket is frozen into ice Later, use a crane to lift the ice bucket rack to the ice melting pool, soak in the pool for 2-3 minutes to melt the ice in the ice bucket, and then put the ice bucket on the ice bucket, the ice cubes are easily separated The ice bucket is dumped on the sloped skating track, so that the ice cubes slide into the ice delivery truck. Then fill the ice bucket with water and put it into the salt water pool to continuously make ice.

8. The compressor exhaust pipe passes through the ice melting tank, directly using high temperature hot fluorine to heat the water in the ice melting tank, and at the same time, it also plays a role in cooling the high temperature hot fluorine.

9. Use automatic watering equipment to fill the ice mold with water, which is easy to operate and stable in operation.



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