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The basic principle, structure, and maintenance of cold storage

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General cold storage mostly by the refrigerator refrigeration, the use of gasification temperature is very low liquid as a coolant, so that it is evaporated in the low pressure and mechanical control of the conditions, absorption of heat in the reservoir, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling down the temperature

Oil separator:

There is a float valve in the oil separator, which works intermittently to make the return pipe cold and hot, the pipe is hot when the oil returns and cold when it stops returning. If it is always cold or always hot, it means that the float valve is out of order.



Separates water from the refrigeration system to prevent ice blockage.


Be sure to replace the filter drier when replacing major components such as the compressor and condenser as well as the refrigerant and oil.

Sight liquid mirror:

Observe the flow of refrigerant from the sight glass, when the refrigerant is suitable, only the liquid flows without white bubbles, when there is no moisture in the system, the core in the middle of the sight glass will be green, otherwise it will be yellow or other abnormal colours.


Cold storage door use:

1, in order to prevent damage to the cold storage door, please open and close the door gently.

2, in order to prevent cold air leakage, please close the cold storage door quickly, to avoid cold storage fan due to the cold storage door open for a long time, heat invasion caused by the fins frost serious, resulting in cold storage refrigeration bad.

Correct display of cold storage commodities:

When placing the goods in the warehouse, pay attention not to block the suction/exhaust port of the cold storage fan, and keep the suction/exhaust open and the cold volume evenly distributed. Place the goods left, right, up and down at intervals of 5cm or more to facilitate the circulation of cold air.

Ensure that the air outlet and inhalation port are clear:

It can often be seen that the inhalation port is blocked by the commodity, which will reduce the inhalation of cold air, resulting in a decrease in cooling capacity, leading to damage to the commodity.

Cold storage controller:

The temperature controller can adjust the cold storage temperature, defrost time, defrost times and other parameters

The top of the cold room should not be stacked with sundries:

The top of the cold room is non-load-bearing design, and there are refrigerant piping and electrical pipeline layout, users are not allowed to pile up items, so as not to cause accidental damage. The light switch of the cold room should be switched off when people leave.

Commodities are stored with attention to the equipment in the warehouse:

The amount of goods in the cold storage each time generally does not exceed 20 percent of the total capacity of the cold storage. when feeding be careful not to damage the downpipe, refrigerant pipe, etc.

Regular cleaning in cold storage:

Regularly clean the cold storage to avoid odour, when cleaning, please turn off the power switch first. Be careful not to let the water soak into the library light switch, evaporator junction box, etc.

Cold storage defrost:

Cold storage defrosting is an electric heating automatic defrosting method, which is easy to cause evaporator frost blockage or ice formation in summer when the air humidity is high. Please do not chisel the ice with hard objects, which will easily cause evaporator coil leakage. The correct way to deal with it is to use warm water combined with forced defrost to remove the ice, and then appropriately increase the number of defrosts and defrost time.

Other Precautions:

Frosting of the evaporator will reduce the cooling capacity, in order to prevent this phenomenon, it is necessary to reduce the number of times of entering and exiting the warehouse, the door of the warehouse needs to be closed by hand when entering and exiting the warehouse, and defrosting must be carried out when there is a lot of frost. Please follow the defrost timer installed in the freezer unit or the setting of the microcomputer controller of the freezer. Too much frost will cause the head to return liquid, and in serious cases, liquid shock will occur, resulting in damage to the compressor head.


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