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Merchants who have used the tube ice machine know that

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Merchants who have used the tube ice machine know that the tube ice has the smallest contact area and the best resistance to melting, so the tube ice machine has become a widely used tool in the market in a short period of time.

Some customers may be curious, what is a tube ice machine? In fact, it is a kind of ice machine equipment, which is characterized by the production of tubular ice, its color is transparent, not easy to melt, clean and hygienic, in a word it is easy to operate, save worry and effort.

The block ice produced by the old ice factory is easy to stick after being smashed, and the crushed ice poured on the aquatic products will form "ice bridges" or "gap", so the preservation effect is not ideal, and the metal consumption and labor intensity of workers are very high. so here I recommend a tube ice machine for everyone who "cracks the wall".

Our tube ice equipment has good performance, remarkable energy-saving effect, small floor space, and greatly reduces the loss of labor and metal, which greatly reduces the cost


What is more obvious is that the tube ice has a good fresh-keeping effect, which can ensure that the temperature of the ice cubes produced is low and cold enough. The tube ice after icing has uniform particles and less powder inside, so it is not easy to stick.

You can safely add it to aquatic products, because its cooling speed is fast and the coverage is uniform. Most importantly, this tube ice will not stab the product itself, and it will not form an "ice bridge" after the tube ice melts , greatly reducing product loss.

On the basis of excellent quality, we also adopt fully automated operation and integrated modular design to provide you with the greatest convenience, making transportation, movement, installation and operation simple and convenient, and you only need to connect the power supply and The water source can be turned on with one button to meet the needs of rapid ice making without manual labor, which truly saves resources for you.

It is so good, what reason do you have to refuse?


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