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Icemedal helps clients build cold room

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DSC00094-1Icemedal designed, built and provided a full set of refrigeration technology solutions and equipment systems for this customer's cold storage project, including two parallel screw units, chillers, and an 1850²cold storage 

The client is a leading domestic food manufacturing company with several branches in China. The client has established a production site in southern China, which is mainly used for food and raw material preservation. The customer's requirement is to keep the temperature of the cold storage at -18°and to reduce the electricity consumption by about 10% while safeguarding the daily use demand, with clear requirements for the energy saving of the equipment

The compressors of the cold storage are designed in parallel, the large low-temperature cold storage temperature fluctuations are sometimes very large, the screw parallel units can obtain the best cooling capacity ratio. It can match the required cooling capacity in the current operation to the maximum extent, which is more efficient and energy-saving. Through the valve design control, the compressors can be used as a backup for each other, increasing the reliability of system operation.

  hot Freon defrosting system

       Cold storage in the refrigeration process, cold storage units due to the temperature difference, will lead to the unit frost, frost will affect the heat transfer effect of the evaporator, resulting in the reduction of the system performance. At present, the electricity defrosting is the most common way to melt frost, electric heating tube, heat conduction to the fins, so that the frost knotted on the fins off. This method of melting frost is not uniform, consumes more electrical energy, and the temperature fluctuation of cold storage is also large. In order to achieve the purpose of energy saving and electricity saving for the customers, the company adopts the hot freon defrosting, which introduces the compressor exhaust into the evaporator and uses the sensible and latent heat of hot gas to heat and melt the condensed frost on the outer surface of the evaporator, so as to achieve the purpose of defrosting.

        Because the hot freon defrosting is the waste heat of the refrigeration system, the frosting basically does not need additional electrical energy, so it can save all the electric frosting energy consumption compared to electric frosting. It can save 15-20% of the system's electricity.Meets the energy saving requirements of customers

       Due to the remoteness of the customer's production base, the technical staff of Icemedal is stationed at the site to provide one-stop service for the customer, including base construction, cold storage and equipment installation, etc. The customer followed up the whole construction site and said that Icemedal is very professional in the construction and installation process, both in the control of the project implementation process and maintenance and after-sales capabilities are very strong, willing to become our witness customers


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