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How to effectively improve refrigeration of Cold Storage?

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If you want to improve the refrigeration effect of the cold storage, the first thing is to choose your own refrigerant. In fact, there are many different varieties of refrigerants in the current market, and these refrigerants will also affect the refrigeration effect of the refrigeration project. Let's find out what kind of refrigerant works better.

1Direct expansion of liquid supply

In the process of using refrigerant, in fact, it will also pass through the refrigerator, and it also needs to pass through the expansion valve, and eventually it will enter the evaporator and the cooling pipe, so that the refrigerant can be supplied to the cold storage project, although such a The method is very simple in the process of application, but there are certain difficulties in controlling the liquid supply power of the refrigerant, and even the refrigeration effect of the entire cold storage project will be affected accordingly. The Freon refrigeration system is now in the market The above is a common cooling method.

2Gravity supply

In the process of cold storage engineering, a common basic mode is gravity liquid supply. The gravity liquid supply technology is to set up a separator between the evaporator and the expansion valve, then once the refrigerant reaches the corresponding amount It will directly form a certain pressure to the liquid supply shaft, and the corresponding refrigerant will be released at this time. Such a cooling mode is very common in the process of cold storage engineering. We can choose such a cooling method. , But in the process of application, we also need to master the correct skills.

3Pump circulating liquid supply

The circulating liquid supply of the pump is actually divided into two different methods of top-in, top-out, bottom-in and top-out. Both of these methods can make the refrigeration project have a certain cooling effect, and can effectively ensure the supply of refrigerant with respect to the refrigeration project At this time, all will be delivered to each refrigeration equipment, resulting in a cooling effect of the user project.

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