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How to differentiate between industrial and commercial ice machines?

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Ice machine (English name: ice maker or ice machine) is a kind of water through the evaporator by the refrigeration system refrigerant cooled to generate ice refrigeration machinery and equipment, the use of refrigeration systems, water carrier, in the state of electricity through a certain device after the manufacture of ice. According to the principle of the evaporator and the different production methods, the shape of the ice generated is different, People generally use the shape of ice to divide the ice machine into block ice machinecube ice machineflake ice machine, tube ice machine and so on.

All refrigeration equipment such as ice makers are composed of four key components: evaporator, condenser, compressor, and throttle valve.

Many people don't know whether to buy a commercial ice machine or an industrial ice machine when buying an ice machine.

Commercial ice machine compared to industrial ice machine ice production is small, connected to the power supply can be used; commercial ice machine ice production is generally larger for the split-type, and some even similar to the industrial ice machinecommercial ice machine is mainly applicable to supermarkets and convenience stores, the retail industry, the food processing industry, hotels and restaurants, transportation and civil aviation systems, Western-style fast food restaurants, and so on.

Compared to commercial ice machines, industrial ice machines have a large amount of ice production and require corresponding refrigeration system supporting, the use of the requirements of the larger differences often need to go through the non-standard products and refrigeration and the corresponding circulating water, electronic control system design, factory prefabrication, on-site assembly. Therefore, the industrial ice machine needs to have strong professional and technical capabilities, industrial ice machine is mainly used in large ice places, food processing, seafood and aquatic products sales, chemical industry, water conservancy and electricity, medical care, construction, mining and engineering and construction industries such as cooling, storage and preservation of freshness.

Once you are aware of the characteristics of commercial and industrial ice machines, you will be able to take advantage of the product features so that the ice machine can better meet your needs.




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