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Hand in hand, win-win cooperation! African Algerian customers visit Icemedal Refrigeration!

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On October 16th, African Algerian customers visited Icemedal Refrigeration. The purpose of this visit is to understand the industry background, technical level and production capacity ofIcemedal Refrigeration, in order to establish good trust and communication,to form a long-term stable cooperative relationship Icemedal refrigeration general manager Lu Yuelei and other relevant departments accompanied the visit.

It is reported that the customer's original ice machine is too old and cumbersome to operate, requiring a lot of human and material resources. When the passenger flow is high, customers need to wait in a long line to buy ice, resulting in a large number of customers lost, while the ice machine produced by Icemedal advanced technology and easy to operate, can help customers save a lot of time costs, operating costs and capital costs.

In the exhibition hall ofIcemedal Refrigeration, the relevant person in charge of the company leader warmly received the Algerian guests and hispartner. Under the detailed explanation of Iris, director of foreign trade, the customers had a deep understanding of Icemedal Refrigeration's entrepreneurial history, scientific and technological achievements and the company's industrial chain, and expressed their sincere admiration and appreciation for the comprehensive strength ofIcemedalRefrigeration.


Subsequently, the client and his team went deep into the production line of Icemedal Refrigeration and visited the Icemedal production factory to gain an on-site understanding of Icemedal Refrigeration production equipment and advanced production processes. General Manager Lu Yuelei of the company's products for a detailed introduction to the production process, advanced automated production processes, mature and rigorous quality control,Icemedal refrigeration excellent performance, strict quality of workmanship is highly recognized by customers.

After the visit, both sides had a more detailed discussion and communication in the conference room. Customers appreciated the quality of our products, ordered several ice machine equipment on the spot, and expressed their hope to maintain long-term cooperative relationship with us.


Through this visit, foreign customers fully recognized the strength and planning of Icemedal Refrigeration, which not only strengthened the communication between our company and foreign customers, but also laid a solid foundation for promoting Icemedal Refrigeration to further internationalization.


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