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Flake Ice Machine is best for Supermarket Use

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According to the purpose of the ice machine and the characteristics of the ice shape itself, the ice is mainly divided into: tube ice, block ice, cube ice, flake ice (fresh water/sea water), ball ice. No matter what kind of ice, it is determined by its characteristics.

What kind of ice machine is more suitable for supermarkets?

Supermarket ice machines are generally used for the preservation of seafood and aquatic meat and poultry. Flake ice machines and block ice machines are generally used. However, comparing their advantages and disadvantages, flake ice machines are the most suitable.

1. Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine

Advantages: Not easy to melt

Disadvantages: The block ice machine is more expensive and double the price than the flake ice machine. The ice cubes produced by the block ice machine cannot be used directly. You need to use the ice crusher to break the ice cubes before laying on the ice table of the supermarket. Cold storage. And covers a large area.

2. Tube Ice Machine

Advantages: Tube ice is hard and not easy to melt, transparent and beautiful is the perfect ice shape for supermarket preservation.

Disadvantages: Tube ice machines are more expensive, and few supermarkets currently choose tube ice machines.

3. The preferred point of Flake Ice Machine

Advantages: The flake ice machine does not need crushed ice. The produced ice flakes can be used directly. The flake ice machine is more energy-saving and power-saving. It occupies a small area and only 1/3 of the block ice machine. It is the ice machine of choice for small and medium-sized supermarkets.

Disadvantages: Flake ice is easier to melt than block ice, so it is recommended that supermarkets choose ice machines as large as possible to supplement the melted ice flakes.

The reasons from the supermarket to choose the flake ice machine:

1Large contact area and fast cooling

Due to the flat shape of flake ice, it has a larger surface area than other ice of the same weight. The larger the contact surface area, the better the cooling effect

2Low production cost

The production cost of flake ice is very economical. It only needs about 85 kWh to cool water at 16 degrees Celsius into 1 ton of flake ice.

3Food insurance is excellent

The texture of flake ice is dry, soft and without sharp angles, which can protect the packaged food during the refrigerated packaging process. Its flat shape will minimize possible damage to the refrigerated objects.

4Mix thoroughly

Due to the huge surface area of flake ice, its heat exchange process is rapid, flake ice can quickly melt into water, take away heat, and increase humidity for the mixture.

5Convenient storage and transportation

Due to the dry texture of flake ice, it is not easy to cause adhesion during low-temperature storage and spiral transportation, and it is easier to store and transport.


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