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Compared to traditional ice plants, automated ice plants will become the mainstream in the future

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With the continuous progress of science and technology, the traditional ice plant is facing more and more competitive pressuresuch as low efficiency of ice production and environmental pollution. At the same time, automated ice plants are gradually emerging in various industries and deserve attention.

Automated Ice Plants Trends

With the food safety issues are more and more people's attention, the management of food production enterprises in various countries is becoming increasingly strict, the traditional ice plant due to health issues and personnel cost constraints, is facing the urgent need for industrial upgrading, automated ice plant has thus become the direction of the development of the ice industry, the major head of the food business is to bring a huge amount of money into the game.

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Automated ice plant with the help of advanced automation technology, will make ice out of ice, weighing and bagging, packing and labelling, conveying into the warehouse and other aspects of automatic production, the whole process without human intervention, greatly enhancing the production efficiency, reduce the cost of manpower, suitable for large-scale production, which is not only a new mode of ice plant, but also the main direction of the development of the refrigeration industry in the future.

In the rapid development of the industry,Icemedal Refrigeration has identified the future market of automated ice plants and invested a large number of technical personnel and funds in the research and production of automated ice plantsToday,Icemedal Refrigeration has successfully built automated ice plant production lines for a large company as well asa supermarket chains and other well-known brands, these production lines have been put into use. Not only saves manpower and material resources, but also greatly improves the production efficiency and production quality, widely praised by customers.


The advantages of an automated ice factory:

1.Equipped with advanced automation systems: Traditional ice making equipment in ice factories requires manual weighing, bagging, and storage during the production process, while automated ice factories can achieve automation from ice making to ice discharge and packaging, saving a lot of time. The attached equipment monitoring system can also monitor the operating status of ice factory equipment in real time, detect and remind equipment faults in a timely manner, ensuring the stability and reliability of the ice production process.

2.Improve production efficiency and save manpower and resources: Taking a medium-sized traditional ice factory as an example, the number of employees is generally around 15-20 people,employee wages, daily expenses, etc. is a large sum of money, and can not be realised 24 hours out of the ice, and automation of the ice plant, generally only need to be equipped with 3-5 people are responsible for the maintenance of equipment, warehousing management, the ice plant production process can be achieved in a continuous production, which means that the ice plant can be In a shorter period of time to produce more ice, which can meet the needs of more customers, not only to improve the competitiveness of the ice plant sales, but also greatly save the staff overheads.

3. With the global food norms and food safety requirements are becoming more and more stringent, while the ice plant in the production process, the technology of the equipment and process specifications are also increasingly high, the traditional ice plant on the hygiene of the environment, personnel disinfection and other aspects of the requirements are not enough, and the automatic of the ice plant used in all the equipment in strict accordance with national standards for design and development, to achieve low noise and low pollution, reduce the impact on the environment; in the production workshop, employees must first be fully disinfected, wearing sterile clothing, sterile caps to carry out their work, to ensure that the production of ice can meet the national food standards, to achieve human and ice "0" contact. In addition, the overall design of the automated ice plant will also use environmentally friendly energy-saving technology, in line with the requirements of sustainable development,Reduce the cost of ice production and the impact on the environment.


In summary, an automated ice factory is a production model that is in line with the future development of the industry. Through the application of automation technology, it has achieved more efficient, hygienic, and large-scale production, helping investors obtain higher space profits while reducing the impact on the environment.

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