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Cold Storage Door and Cold Room Fire Safety Issues

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Icemedal, is the China top cold room manufacturer. From cold storage design--cold storage cost--cold storage products--cold storage building--after-sale service, our professional engineer can do the one-stop solution for you. Now lets know Cold Storage Door and Cold Room Fire Safety Issues.

1the problem of cold storage temperature and cold storage door

The size of a cold storage room, the amount of inventory, how many doors are opened, the time and frequency of door opening and closing, the frequency of entry and exit of inventory, and the throughput of goods are all factors that affect the temperature in the warehouse.

The door of the general cold storage room should not be opened and closed to much. Otherwise,the mechanical parts of the automatic door of the cold storage and the thermal insulation material of the frame will accelerate wear and tear, and the electrical parts are also more prone to failure. If the cold storage area is large, there are few automatic doors, each automatic door has a lot of opening and closing times, and the mechanical burden is too heavy, which will inevitably lead to frequent door failures and frequent damage to door accessories.once the cold storage door fails, it cannot be opened in time, which will affect the incoming and outgoing goods; or it cannot be closed, which will increase the temperature of the cold storage and the temperature of the cold storage will not meet the requirements.So, how can we solve this problem? We can install a Wind curtain machine at the door of the cold storage, which can blow out the wind to block the hot air from entering and maintain the low temperature inside the storage, and also avoid the cold storage door from being damaged by frequent opening and closing. Even, when the cold storage door is broken, it can temporarily replace the cold storage door and play the effect of heat insulation.

The design and construction of cold storage and the setting and quantity of cold storage doors must be comprehensively arranged according to the inventory and the frequency of door opening and closing. The cold storage users must also use the cold storage in a reasonable manner according to the design specifications. They must not ignore the design conditions and the actual conditions of the facilities, and blindly increase the inventory and increase the cargo turnover, exceeding the normal load and bearing capacity of the facilities and equipment. Otherwise, many problems will arise.

2Fire safety of cold storage

The cold storage is generally around minus 20 degrees. Due to the low ambient temperature, it is not suitable for installing a fire sprinkler system. Therefore, fire prevention in cold storage should be paid more attention. Although the ambient temperature of the cold storage is low, if there is a fire, there are combustibles in the storage, especially the inventory is often packed in cartons and wooden boxes, which is very flammable. Therefore, the risk of fire in cold storage is also great, and pyrotechnics must be strictly prohibited in cold storage.

At the same time, the air cooler and its wire box, power cord, and electric heating tube should also be checked frequently to eliminate potential fire hazards of electrical appliances.


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