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Icemedal IMF20 20 Tons Large-scale industrial flake ice machines for food factory


MOQ:1 set

Warranty:12 months

Payment:T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, L/C

Lead time:40 days after getting deposit

After-sales Service Provided:Engineers available to service overseas

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Icemedal IMF20 20 Tons Per Day Flake Ice Machine for Concrete Cooling

Introduction of flake ice:

Large-scaleindustrial flake ice machinesare widely used in industrial production or self-built ice factoriesdue to their high refrigeration efficiency and large ice output. In areas with sufficient water resources, it 

is recommended to choose a water-cooling system or an evaporative cooling system. Because the cooling

effect of the air-cooling system is relatively poor, it is only suitable for use in areas where water resources

are scarce.

Largeindustrial flake ice machinesshould be equipped with ice storage with cold sources. The size of the

ice storage is recommended to be configured according to 1/2 of the daily output, and under specialcircumstances, the customer can decide by himself. Large industrial ice machines are generally used in 

conjunction with ice storage and ice delivery systems.


Product Advantages:

  • Spiral Skate Blade design, do not damage skate blade

  • Continuous spray welding to ensure that the evaporator is not easily deformed. Reducing the Mechanical Resistanceof ice machine during operation.

  • Smooth flow path, small resistance, improve refrigeration effect, reduce energy consumption.

  • Even ice thickness, covering an area of large, dry non-adhesion.

Flakes of ice are found all over:

  •  Food factory raw material preservation, food pre-cooling;

  •  Meat processing plants Pre-cooling, preservation and transportation of live killed livestock and poultry;

  • Chemical plant reactor, raw material cooling, machine cooling and environment cooling;

  • Construction industry concrete pouring and cooling, concrete mixing and adding;

  •  Ice factory;

  • Deep-sea fishing and seafood preservation;

  •  Cool down in the mine.



1.Ice machine evaporator adopts three-dimensional design, that is, internal scraping type ice making, the evaporator does not move, ice knife in the inner wall rotating scraping ice. This design reduces wear and provides high tightness.

2.Refrigeration unit accessories are imported to ensure barrier-free and efficient operation.

3.Top Brand Compresso,Bitzer from Germany, Copeland from America, those are the compressor brands we use for your better ice machine.





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