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Icemedal Industrial Factory Price 5 tons 10 tons Commercial Ice Maker Ice Cube Machine


MOQ:1 set

Warranty12 months

PaymentT/T, Western Union, Money Gram, L/C

Lead time40 days after getting deposit

After-sales Service ProvidedEngineers available to service overseas

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Icemedal Industrial Ice Cube Machine Is Used For Daily Ice Use In Beverages Cooling

Our ice cubes are edible and can be used in drinks, restaurants and bars. Square, small, very nice. If you are interested, please contact us.More details welcome contact us.

Square ice measurements:22*22*22mm, 29*29*22mm.

Product Advantages:

Sanitation & Safety: Fully adopted SUS304 stainless steel to build this machine; special water flow design, automatic cleaning, sanitary, safe, and fulfills the demand of QS test standard.

●  Low energy consumption: 85~90 kWh/ton in summer, 70~85 kWh/ton if the ambient temperature is lower than 23℃.

●  Large capacity: Single machine’s daily capacity can be 1 ton to 20 tons and production is stable, in hot summer we can still reach 90~95% of the rated capacity.

●  Stable performance: Ice is crystal clear and hard, well-shaped and beautiful, can be stored for a long time.

●  Components brand: Compressor is German Bitzer or Italian Frascold, electric devices are Siemens or LG.

●  Ice cube size: 22*22*22mm / 29*29*22mm / 38*38*22mm or customized.

●  Automatic operation: PLC controlled, be able to automatically adjust the thickness of ice, forming ice, harvesting ice, and add water.

●  Fully automatic and need no human adjustment.


Cube Ice Application

Cube ice machine are widely used inbars, hotels, canteens, banquet hall, western restaurant, fast food restaurant, convenience store, restaurants,cold drinks shops and other places where ice is needed. The size of the ice can be adjusted to meet the different needs of customers for ice. and so on.

cube ice application

cube ice machine parameters

Cube ice machine parts

Nickel-plated copper ice mould

NICKEL-A material with better resistance to accelerated oxidation at high temperatures. The melting point of nickel is about 2 times that of copper, which can protect the plated conductor effectively at high temperature.

304 stainless steel ice hopper

Possessing corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties. Stamping, bending and other hot processing, no heat treatment hardening phenomenon is suitable for food processing, storage and transportation.

PVC Pipe

Additive. With non-inflammable, high strength, resistance to climate change and excellent geometric stability. PVC has strong resistance to oxidant, reductant and strong acid.

1.Ambient temperature adaptive system ensures consistent ice thickness.

2.The flat-wall heat transfer technology is unique in ice extraction design and has obtained a national patent.PATENT: ZL201420070472.X

3.The ice consumes 80 kw per ton of electricity.


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