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Icemedal IMC1 1 Ton Per Day Big Ice Cube Machine Commercial Ice Maker


MOQ:1 set

Warranty12 months

PaymentT/T, Western Union, Money Gram, L/C

Lead time40 days after getting deposit

After-sales Service ProvidedEngineers available to service overseas

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Icemedal IMC1 1 Ton Per Day Big Ice Cube Machine Commercial Ice Maker

Introduction of Cube Ice Machine

Large-scale edible cube ice machine is a large-scale production of edible cube ice making equipment. The produced cube ice is clean, hygienic and crystal clear. It is widely used in hotels, bars, restaurants, convenience stores, cold drinks shops, etc. place.

Cube Ice Features

Cube ice is cuboid, also called ‘granular ice’. The whole ice cube is thick, transparent, beautiful, and has a long storage period and is not easy to melt. Cube ice is widely used in food, cold drinks, ice cube wholesale and retail, and pharmaceutical laboratories, etc.

1. Cube ice used in cold drinks

In bars, hotels, cold drink shops, KTV and other places, cube ice is added to cold drinks, which is deeply loved by people.

2. Ice cube machine in convenience store

As one of the types of ice factory wholesale and retail ice, cube ice is particularly suitable for packaging and retailing and wholesale to hotels, supermarkets, cold drink shops and other places where ice is needed because of its beautiful appearance and not easy to melt.


Machine Details



                                                                IMC 1 1Ton Cube Ice Machine Parameters

Bitzer Compressor Parameter

Cooling Capacity(kW)11.7


Heat Exchange(kW)19.4
Condensing TemperatureCondensing Temperature40
Evaporating TemperatureDegree Celsius(℃)-10
Ambient TemperatureDegree Celsius(℃)32
Water TemperatureDegree Celsius(℃)20
Circulating PumpPower(kW)0.37

Cooling Tower

Cooling TowerLX-8

Cooling Pump

Cooling FanPower(kW)0.37
Machine Dimension(Water Cooling)L*W*H(mm)1800*1000*1700


Hotel, hotel, Bar, Banquet Hall, Western restaurant, Fast Food Shop, convenience store, cold drinks shop, KTV,breakfast shop, Western fast food, beer room and other places need ice.


Service Advantage


  • Icemedal implemented a professional,comprehensive and ONE-STOP management model,and created advanced technology,high-quality products and professional services.

  • has a number of patents,our products are widely used in cold chain logistics trans-portation,heat removal in vegetables and fruits fields,food processing,aquatic product processing,chemical industry,concrete mixing,mine cooling and other fields.

  • Our products has been exported to more than 130 countries and regions such us Africa,the Middle East,South Asia,Australia and South America.

Quality assurance


  • We through ISO,CE system certification,in line with national norms and standards.

  • Strict control of each process to ensure quality from the source.

Modern Factory

750A7583 拷贝

  • Focus on the field of industrial refrigeration equipment.

  • Production equipment have passed many domestic test and certifications.

  • The company adheres to the concept of“integrity,win-win,enjoy life”and is committed to building a modular factory for our customers.

After sales service


  • installation and commissioning guidance are available on site.

  • 24 hr online multilingual services.

  • one year warranty,lifetime maintenance.

  • FAQ

  • Why should I choose large cube ice machine instead small commercial machines?

  • (1) The small-capacity ice-making machine has a small daily output and cannot meet the market demand.

  • (2) Small-scale edible ice-making machines consume high electricity, and consume 160kw of electricity per ton of ice.

  • (3) The capacity of small-scale edible ice-making machines is relatively low. When the ambient temperature is high, the climate is hot and can not reach the standard.

  • (4) The cooling water of the small-scale edible ice machine cannot be recycled, resulting in waste of water.

  • (5) The small-scale edible ice machine still stays in manual operation, and the intelligent operation is low.

  • (6) The small service life of small-sized ice-making ice machines is also a major drawback.

ModelTONS/DAY CapacityCompressor Power(KW)Circulating water pump power(KW)Cooling water pump powerCooling fan power(KW)Ice machine dimensions(MM)Weight(KG)


Nickel-plated copper ice mould

NICKEL-A material with better resistance to accelerated oxidation at high temperatures. The melting point of nickel is about 2 times that of copper, which can protect the plated conductor effectively at high temperature.

304 stainless steel ice hopper

Possessing corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties. Stamping, bending and other hot processing, no heat treatment hardening phenomenon is suitable for food processing, storage and transportation.

PVC Pipe

Additive. With non-inflammable, high strength, resistance to climate change and excellent geometric stability. PVC has strong resistance to oxidant, reductant and strong acid.

Cube Ice Features

1.Safety and sanitation:The machine is made of 304 stainless steel. The water sink is specially designed to avoid incrustation. The machine also has an automatic cleaning function, to make sure the cube ice is sanitation, safety, and meeting international standards.

2.Low power consumption:Power consumption is 85-90 degrees/ton in summer, if the ambient temperature is below 23 degrees, and the power consumption is 70-85 degrees/ton.

3.Automatic operation:Cube ice machine adopts PLC centralized control, so the machine has the following automatic functions, automatic adjustment of ice thickness, automatic ice formation, automatic ice harvest, and automatic water replenishment.

4.Large ice production:The output of a single machine is stable from 1 ton to 20 tons. Summer output can reach 90%-95%; when the ambient temperature is below 20 degrees, the output can reach 100%-130%.

5.Stable performance:ice cubes are crystal clear, have high hardness, uniform rules, beautiful appearance, long storage time, clean and hygienic, and fully meet the national hygienic requirements for edible ice.

6.Brand accessories:the compressor adopts German Bitzer or Italy Frascold, and the electrical accessories adopt Siemens, LG brand, etc.

7.Edible ice cube size:22*22*22mm / 29*29*22mm / 38*38*22mm and many other models.


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