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The Third China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo

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China-Africa economic and trade Expo.Icemedal Refrigeration makes a stunning appearance.


Leaders gathered in the city for the China-Africa trade, and a hundred flowers competed with each other.


On 29 June, the much-anticipated Third China-Africa Economic and Trade Fair, co-hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and the People's Government of Hunan Province, officially kicked off in Changsha. With the theme of "Seeking Development, Sharing the Future", the fair was hosted at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Vice President Han Zheng attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech, while President Chakwera of Malawi, President Mwini of Zanzibar, Tanzania, Secretary-General of the African Continental Free Trade Area, Mene, and more than 1,000 representatives from all walks of life from 68 countries and regions attended. Han Zheng said that the China-Africa Economic and Trade Fair is a major national initiative for cooperation with Africa and an important bridge to promote friendship, solidarity and cooperation between China and Africa, to form a community of destiny and to benefit the vast majority of Chinese and African people.


In this grand journey of China-Africa cooperation, Ice Xun refrigeration as a representative of the refrigeration industry enterprises, as a member of the China-Africa Economic and Trade Chamber of Commerce Council, participated in this event. This time, Bingxun exhibited with its flake ice machine and quick-freeze cabinet, which attracted the attention of leaders and customers from African countries.


At the exhibition, political and business representatives from African countries stopped by the booth to exchange views on the development prospects of the cold chain industry, learn about our advanced refrigeration technology, and talk to our foreign trade staff and take photos with them.


They learned that Icemedal refrigeration equipment has  been exported to more than 130 countries around the world now, with several orders sent to Africa in May this year alone. Bingxun has obtained more than ten patents in the research and development of quick-freeze equipment, refrigeration technology development and improvement, etc. The rich experience and advanced technology have amazed the African delegates and left them with a deep impression.


With the "One Belt, One Road", the economic and trade exchanges between Changsha County and Africa have entered the fast lane in recent years, and Changsha County's "circle of friends" in Africa has been expanding, with more and more enterprises stepping out of the country and shining in the African arena. Sany Heavy Industry, Mountain River Intelligence, Zoomlion Heavy Industry, Tiejian Heavy Industry, Bingxun Refrigeration and many other enterprises, have been branching out in the African continent, they actively respond to the country's proposed China-Africa friendly trade policy, committed to the African region to export more advanced and beneficial refrigeration technology and products.


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