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Is it better to have saltwater ice block machine or direct cooling ice block machine?

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Ice brick machine is also called block ice machine,divided into direct cooling ice brick machine and brine pool ice brick machine,ice brick machine is good for brine, or direct cooling?

Direct Cooling Ice Brick Machine vs. Saltwater pool Ice Brick Machine

Firstly, direct cooling ice block machine,is adopts aluminium plate as evaporator, refrigerant and water directly stop heat exchange, so that the water in the aluminium plate evaporator freezes into ice. Double circuit design, automatic thermal fluorine de-icing system, direct cooling block ice can be complete automation.

Secondly, the salt water ice brick machine,an indirect way of making ice, uses salt water as a medium of heat exchange. After the temperature of the salt water falls, the water in the ice bucket freezes into ice. De-icing method requires a travelling vehicle to lift the ice bucket and put it into the ice melting pool, and the ice can only be poured out after the block ice appearance is melted, which requires professional manual operation. Salt water pool ice block machine is stable and reliable, saving electricity.


Direct cooling ice block machine

Advantages and disadvantages of direct cooling ice brick machine and brine pool ice brick machine:

1. Direct cooling ice block machine operation cost is low, brine block ice machine, need to regularly replace the brine, and ice mould long time soak brine easy to corrode. Therefore, direct cooling block ice machine operating costs are lower.But the salt water ice brick machine can be according to customer demand for full-liquid, dry evaporator, large evaporating area, high refrigeration efficiency.

2.Saving labour cost,direct cooling block ice machine does not have aerial crane,so do not need people to operate specially. From water to ice are automated, so one person can operate a full set of equipment.

3.More space-saving, direct cooling block ice machine don't want aerial crane, salt water pool. It does not need a large area of the plant site.

4.Ice is clean and hygienic, direct cooling ice directly ice production, without the need to contact the brine, and thus direct cooling block ice machine compared to the brine block ice machine, the consumption of ice is in line with the food norms, the ice application range is wider, and can bring a wider market to the ice factory.

5. power saving, the principle of direct cooling block ice machine is the refrigerant directly with the water in the mould to stop the heat exchange, the heat of the water in the mould will be directly sucked away. Compared with the traditional brine block ice machine, there is no need for brine as a medium.

6.Convenient installation, direct cooling block ice machine does not require the construction of brine pools, the installation of aerial cranes and other subordinate equipment, the installation cycle is short, the construction is simple.


Saltwater ice block machine

Is it better to have a brine or direct-cooling ice brick machine? Summary: For those with little ice demand, the suggest is to use direct cooling ice block machine. Ice demand is large and the site is not restricted, the suggest to use the brine pool block ice machine or Direct cooling block ice machine single common daily output of about 20 tonnes, while the brine pool block ice machine output can be up to 100 tonnes.

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