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Icemedal’s 10 tons tube ice machine being assembled

Time : 2022-09-19 Hits : 54

With the summer heat, people have chosen various ways to cope with a wave of heat, such as cold drinks, ice, and air conditioning. Among them, ice plants have also expanded their production to meet the demand for edible ice. The customer was unable to meet the growing demand with their existing production capacity, so they sought a high capacity and efficient tube ice machine, and Icemedal communicated with the customer and reached an agreement to provide them with a 10 tons per day tube ice machine.

Today, the 10 tons tube ice machine and the 30 tons tube ice machine are being produced simultaneously and are expected to be commissioned by the end of August. Due to the high quality requirements of the machines, all machines will be tested for proper operation and meet the requirements before delivery.



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