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Icemedal 30 tons tube ice machine exported to Qatar

Time : 2023-09-11 Hits : 7

The 30 ton tube ice machine exported by Icemedal to Qatar is used in a large ice factory in Qatar, which is mainly responsible for supplying ice cubes to hotels, bars, and cold drink shops.

Qatar with a high demand for ice.Tube icis the most common type of edible ice, with advantages such as crystal clear, good melting resistance, and low cost, making it extremely popular.

client request

 NO.1:Save on electricity costs

High cost of electricity due to high ice consumption and high electricity prices.

 NO.2 Easy to operate

Ease of use of the equipment is very important, can greatly save manpower, ease the pressure of the peak season.

 NO.3Food safety

Tube ice is the most common type of edible ice that needs to meet food grade standards.

Icemedal Solution

Solution 1:Adopting a German Bizel semi enclosed compressor, it has high thermalefficiency, low unit power consumption, and energy consumption as low as 80kWh per ton of ice.

Solution 2:Adopting an independent PLC intelligent control system, the operation is simple and efficient, and a mobile monitoring system can also be configured.

Solution 3:Using food grade raw materials, all ice making parts are food grade materials, protecting your food safety.

Complete the machine

Icemedal strictly follows safety regulations to ensure that each process is rigorous and meticulous. 


Product Delivery

Icemedal&Qatar's 30 ton tube ice machine has been completed, packaged and delivered to customs.

Put into use

After the equipment was transported to Qatar, it was put into production without stopping. The finished tube ice were crystal clear and had uniform thickness, which combined aesthetics and quality.

The 30 ton tube ice machine solution for a large ice factory in Qatar was customized by Icemedal Refrigeration. This batch of tube ice machines has greatly alleviated the production pressure of customers during peak periods, and the quality of the equipment has satisfied customers very much, earning very high profits. They plan to expand production again this year and purchase other equipment from Icemedal again.



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