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One-stop construction of ice plant in the Philippines

Time : 2023-06-02 Hits : 21


Project Name: Ice Plant Installation in the Philippines

Cold storage category: Ice plant

Cold storage area: 2000㎡

Project address: Philippines

Storage products: Ice

Cold storage temperature: -18℃~-25℃

Customer introduction: As the pearl of the western Pacific Ocean, the Philippines is in a unique location, which is influenced by its geographical position, and is located between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer. Because of this, we need to fully consider the local climate conditions, temperature and humidity, water and electricity parameters and other objective factors when communicating with customers in the Philippines about the whole set of ice plant equipment and technology, and finally form a series of product and equipment solutions from ice brick machine, traveling car, ice crusher, ice storage cold storage.


ice making 
equipment production



                                                                   shipped to Philippines after qualified inspection


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