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Icemedal IMB20 20 tons Ice Block Machine Sculpture Ice Block Machine Maker

MOQ:1 set

Warranty12 months

PaymentT/T, Western Union, Money Gram, L/C

Lead time40 days after getting deposit

After-sales Service ProvidedEngineers available to service overseas

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Traditional type block ice machine,to produced are the larger in ice products which are widely used in fishing,food processing,aquatic products,preservation,cooling,ice sculpture,etc.The size can be customized according to needs, and can be crushed according to different requirements.

The equipment ranges from 1 ton to 50 tons, which can meet the needs of different customers.

block ice machine

Customer Case

customer case


Q: How often does the ice block machine add salt?

A: The salt water concentration is tested every 2 weeks (22-25 Baume degrees). When the concentration is lower than the standard concentration, salt needs to be added, because ice film will take away a part of the salt water. Generally, add salt once every 3 months.

Q: The ice block machine for sale tests the pH once a month

A: PH value between 7-8

Product Applications:

Ice plants, food processing, fresh preservation and cooling of aquatic products, ice sculpture, daily ice consumption, etc.

block ice applications

ModelTONS/DAYCapacityCompressor power (KW)Agitator Power(KW)Cooling water pump power(KW)Cooling fan power(KW)Ice machine dimensions(MM)Weight(KG)
IMB15154587.51.53100*1200*2000 9280*2260*15603700
IMB20206587.52.23500*1500*2200 11560*4200*15654700
IMB4040140162.282*3500*1300*2200 11560*7080*16008700
IMB5050170163152*3500*1300*2200 14170*7080*160010700
IMB100100340325.522.54*3500*1300*2200 12000*13500*145021400
微信图片_20230103164717   5.02 5.03

All-in-one water injection unit            Civil type water injection device                      Running gear

1.Since the ice mold will take away a small amount of brine when taking ice, the brine concentration will decrease after a certain period of time. Generally, the brine concentration is measured once every three weeks, and if it is low, it is necessary to increase the salt to make the brine concentration reach between 21~23.

2.After the ice mould is filled with water, it is put into the saltwater tank to make ice. After the ice-making time is over, the ice is poured out, and then the water is injected back into the place to make ice. 

3.The ice can be taken out easily by one person with a driving device, saving labor and Labor.

1.Daily production :20 tons pey day.

2.Water temperature low, up to-10℃.

3.Snake Coil evaporator design, the system oil return smooth, will not cause the compressor piston jam dead    phenomenon.

4.Integrated Design, easy to debug and test the whole machine, stable performance, simple installation.


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